Annual Fish Fry Planning

I’ve been wracking my brain for events to get people to the park during off-season. Even without the fireworks show, the park would be over-capacity on July 4th. So how can we spread out the promotion efforts to other times of the year when the park really needs the business.

I naturally come at it from a park-centric point-of-view, but I fully realize the importance of getting the wider community involved. How do we leverage the park to benefit Hawkins businesses? Erin’s perspective can really help here. The more people who show up at the park, the more likely it is that some of them will go to Red Rooster to eat. That’s a natural fit since RR is one of few choices. But let’s make out-of-towners seek it out as a destination rather than going to Tyler, Lindale or Mineola. And what about other types of local businesses?

  • Coupon book?
  • Flyer given to each guest along with a park map that advertises what?
  • Perhaps efforts at the park can help convert Hawkins into a more touristy town? Think Jefferson or Edom.
  • I’m starting to reach out to the Chamber of Commerce to enlist their enthusiasm/partnership.
  • DeAnne & Erin – I mentioned Erin above in reference to incentivizing local business owners. How can we incentivize Lake Hawkins property owners to get involved?
    • Obvious community-building potential.
    • Perhaps some of the proceeds can go to the Homeowners Association which can then take an active role in lake improvement without asking the county/taxpayers for funds. Wild ideas…
      – Stockpile Aquacide for property owners with lilypad and reed problems.
      – Create an equipment lending library. For example, an industrial-sized wood chipper that could be moved to a different house each weekend and the men could get together to turn brush piles into wood chips. Those that help the most get the most access.
    • How about if some of the proceeds go to the Love Lake Hawkins Association to use toward fireworks so there is less need for fireworks-specific fundraising and/or fundraising is spread out for several events throughout the year? New Year’s Fireworks show? That would be amazing for the park!

Holbrook Fish Fry Details

Mike Simmons mentioned what a success the Annual Lake Holbrook Fish Fry has become. I intend to go this year for research. I hope others will too.

Ideas for Lake Hawkins

  • PaddleFest – Kayaks, canoes, paddleboards
  • Bicycle Racing Group and Leisure Riding Group around lake start and end at park
  • Horse Ride starting or ending at park
  • Fishing Tournament
  • Fishing for kids
  • Fish Fry
  • Horseshoes
  • Corn Hole
  • Pickleball
  • Volleyball
  • Chili cook-off
  • Car show
  • Concert
  • Golf cart outdoor movie night
  • Office Chair Racing
  • What else?

PaddleFest Details

I’ve already mentioned this to Erin as a stand-alone event. But maybe we throw all the events together for a year or two until they get big and popular enough to split off into multiple events?

Houston Canoe Club used to hold a huge annual Canoe Rendezvous at Huntsville State Park. They had canoe and kayak manufacturers come from all over the nation to promo their products. That faded away and I don’t know if anything similar is currently being held in Texas.

There is a gigantic Adirondack Paddlefest in NY. It’s way over the top for us. For example, Lake Hawkins property owners wouldn’t want to put up with a day’s worth of bands, much less a week’s worth. Nevertheless, we can get lots of good ideas.

Paddle Groups in Texas

Bicycling Groups

  • Tyler Bicycle Club – Facebook
  • Mineola Bicycle Club – Facebook
  • Make a list of bicycle retailers in the area