Winter Wonderland Local Business Partners

We’ll promote you in return for a $25 Gift Certificate for our RV participants.

Our first “Winter Wonderland in the Park” is about a month away and we think we can make it more exciting with your help. We’d like to give the RVers that will be at the park additional incentive to go crazy with their decorations and a reason for more people to drive through the park to see the spectacle. Here’s what we’re thinking…

We are looking for local businesses to offer one $25 gift certificate each. These gift certificates will be given to RV participants at the park. In return, we’ll give your business facebook page a shoutout from our very popular Lake Hawkins RV Park facebook page. We’ll also add a link on our website which may be one of the most visited sites in the Hawkins area, making links to local businesses very valuable for search engine rankings.

In short, we think this can be a win-win for all involved. We hope it will be the best advertising/PR investment your business has ever had the opportunity to make!

Get in first!

We will be promoting this campaign on our facebook page soon. But before we start, we are touching base with a handful of select local businesses to give you the opportunity to be first. If you followed our build-up to the July 4th Fireworks Show, you might remember that each time a new sponsor came aboard, the whole list of current sponsors was mentioned again on facebook. We will take the same approach in this case…businesses that provide gift certificates will get facebook love over and over again. Those that are earliest will get the most marketing and PR bang for their buck.

We’re approaching you first because…

  1. We feel your business is important enough to our RV guests that we already include you on our area map to help our guests find you;
  2. You have a facebook presence and we want to help you get more attention/followers;
  3. We think the gift certificate itself might work as a loss-leader for your business…that the customer who comes to redeem it may end up buying much more than $25-worth of goods and/or may bring you lots of repeat business.

What to do next?

  1. If you already have a gift certificate, let us know and we’ll drop by to pick it up.
  2. If you want to offer a gift certificate but don’t have one, we’ll make a nice one for you and have you sign and date it for authenticity.

Send us a facebook message or call 903-769-4545